The Delta State Chapter of the All Progressives Progress (APC) has condemned the recent agitation by some few elders of the party to dissolve the State Executive Committee.

The agitation, led by Senator Francis Okpozo, would hinder the growth of the party Says the Party

The APC, Legal Adviser, Valentine Onojeghuo and state Secretary,  Chidi Okonji,  in a statement issued on Wednesday  noted that the Okpozo group rejected the idea of welcoming the new defectors into the party because the Federal Government had yet to announce the appointees for federal board and parastatals.


According to the statement, the Okpozo-led elders were of the view that the admission of defectors from other parties should be stalled until all federal board appointments were concluded.

The party said the elders feared that the defectors might out stage them on the federal board appointment slots.

It, however, said it would go ahead with the plan to welcome the new defectors, adding that the timetable for welcoming them would be strictly followed.

It said that the state APC SEC would focus on preparing and reinventing the party and its strategies for the task ahead, which is to dislodge the PDP from Delta State.

The statement partly read, “This recent action by this group of elders is, in fact, a well camouflaged yet direct attack aimed at stalling the recent progress being made by the state executive to open up the party and welcome the defectors.”

Author: Dr. Shine Mekwuye


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