Born in Sweden raised in the Gambia Dj MissTee releases singles

Swedish-based female Disc Jocky, DJ MissTee, recently released a new single titled ‘One Day’ featuring Moon Regiment the producers of Foureyed Records. The new release according to MissTee symbolizes her dreams in her DJ career and how she envisioned it. “Dream beautiful dreams, and then work to make those dreams come true. ‘One Day’ is a track I wrote that symbolizes my dreams in my DJ-career, and how I envision it,” she disclosed. Further adding that she believes if one can visualize their dreams, they can definitely actualilize them. It comes down to creating your individual formula to realise your dreams, which include perseverance, commitment, dedication and self-discipline.


MissTee further disclosed that one of her goals is to play in Ibiza, Spain, one of the most famous cities in the world for its captivating nightlife and the electronic music scene that originated on the Island. “It is well known for its summer club scene, the most famous, sought-after DJs in the world play in Ibiza”.


In her other recent developments, DJ MissTee also revealed that she is currently been signed to WRTW Female DJ Agency and Starbelle Female DJ Agency, both in London, United Kingdom.








Born in Gothenburg, Sweden she moved at a very young age to West Africa and grew up in The Gambia where she was exposed to people of various cultural backgrounds. She has lived abroad for a number of years in the UK, the United States and now Sweden with all these factors having resulted in the enrichment of her taste in music! DJ’ing is an entity she has always aspired to be.

New on the scene with fresh ideas, a dynamic style and cutting edge sounds, her passion for music is very promising with her already having performed in several major clubs in Sweden. With her endless passion and unrelenting drive she is constantly pushing herself to attain higher and higher heights in her music career. There’s no stopping her!

As unpredictable she may be, as a DJ, you cannot label her solely as a DJ. Growing up she encountered a colourful musical background with exposure to a wide range of fusion of sounds which has had an undoubtable influence in the mixing of her music. This has also led her into producing music with her being both a vocalist and a lyricist. Having already released 2 EPs, “Rewind” and “This Time” [Foureyed Records], she is ready for her next chapter with The Voice Recordings that will further her growth as an artist.

She gives her crowd a performance like no other, with her not being afraid to depart from her comfort zone and break the barrier with the crowd. She loves to blend different genres of music but with all her music there is always one similarity; the music she plays is very uplifting! Nothing is more fulfilling to her than to see the crowd dancing in such mood that only she can create.

As an artist her music is her painting, it is a reflection of her mood with her colour being her theme as she attempts to captivate a certain element of design that will give it its own uniqueness and style!

Author: Tintin

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