6 year old girl sexually abused and infected with HIV by a Pastor in East Africa…..

Residents of Kakamega County are still reeling from shock after an African Divine church pastor allegedly coaxed and flattered a 6-year-old girl into his house, promising to pray for her, only to defile and infect her with HIV. The man of God, Protus Masika is currently in police custody, pending prosecution.

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The girl’s father, Gilbert Sasuli explained that the child was playing with others by the road side in Lugulu village when the preacher approached them. “The children were playing when Pastor Masika who was dressed in African Divine attire told them to go into the house, claiming that he wanted to pray for them. “Immediately they arrived at the house, he asked the other girl to leave before he embarked on his mission of defiling the 6-year-old girl,” Sasuli said. “All I am seeking is justice, my daughter has been infected with a disease and her life messed up. She is also psychologically affected and I am not sure if I will recover from this disturbing situation,” the girl’s father said. Denied their rights


The pastor tried to run a way when the child raised alarm by wailing, but angry neighbours pounced on him.


The locals beat him up with others threatening to lynch him before the police came to his rescue and took him to Matunda police station.


The child was later taken to Matunda sub-district hospital and doctors did various tests which proved she had been defiled and infected with HIV. Likuyani Children’s Officer Maurice Okiru said cases of children being defiled are on the increase.


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